About TRAVel Media

TRAVel Media is the largest and oldest publisher in B2B travel trade media, events, off- and online initiatives.

Our Story

TRAVel Media is the biggest communication partner in the travel industry with B2B initiatives. As a market leader, TRAVel Media has been conducting business for 34 years, leading with titles such as TravMagazine, M!CE& Events Travel,Business Traveller, the e-learning platform TravEcademy and the linked line-extensions.

TRAVel Media is a dynamic publishing group, who have specialized in multimedia communication over the past few years. TRAVel Media has the target to develop a suitable cross medial communication mix for every client. Employing Innovative techniques, promoting usability and providing a positive experience are our main points of focus in the process.

With a national and international oriented client portfolio, TRAVel Media Is positioned as an important and experienced member of the industry. TRAVel Media exercises its expertise through online communications and events to inform and facilitate the travel industry.